Emily & Brian at The Kelley Farm

Emily was all about the peonies. And the details.

And it was FABULOUS.

But understand this. When you tell your florist that you’ve always dreamed of having peonies for your bridal bouquet, and you are getting married at the end of July, you are dooming her to numerous sleepless nights. (“Will the weather cooperate?” “If it’s too hot they’ll all bloom too fast.” “What if it rains too much & they all rot.” etc. etc)

Don’t get me wrong – the peonies were stunning. Breathtaking. Emily adored her bouquet. And this is my favorite bridal bouquet of all time.

Yes we can get peonies at the end of July, but they come from Alaska. And peonies only fly first class.

Off season, peonies may, or may not be available. And they may, or may not make it here in one piece. It’s a 50-50 gamble at best…



In this case, I called 3 days before the wedding to check on the peony shipment – the grower said she refused to ship Emily’s peonies – “it’s too hot – they will be dead by the time they arrive – fedex isn’t reliable on Saturday shipping – it’ll never make it there”

I begged. I pleaded. No luck.

I called her office manager at home and cried. Yes, I cried.

The manager left her dinner table, came back into the office and shipped Emily’s peonies. (I am so thankful for you Lika!!)

And they arrived on time, in perfect condition, in spite of 95 degree heat.

I’m having a panic attack just thinking about it – but just seeing ther delight on Emily’s face when I brought her bouquet made it all worth it. She was thrilled.