Taylor and Gregory at Washington Athletic Club



She walked into the ceremony space and burst into tears.

“Oh, it’s just how we dreamed.”

(click-click – Another mental snapshot I will cherish)

I will never forget the look on Leona’s face at that moment – the “big reveal”.

All the hours and hours of worrying and planning and stress and struggle had paid off.

As mother of the bride she had spent countless hours planning and debating – ivory vs off white, gold vs silver, and will the arrangements be grand enough in that ENORMOUS space?

“It’s EXACTLY what we wanted. Thank you so much.”

Seeing the ceremony space completed & ready for Taylor’s walk down the aisle, everything became real. Her baby is all grown up. And she is about to walk down this gorgeous aisle to her new life in about an hour.

Everything had come together perfectly. She was overjoyed.