Jennifer & Edison at Pan Pacific Hotel


It was a tense moment.

Would it live up to her dream wedding?

The towering ceremony arrangements were in place, complete with sparkling crystals.

The fragrant roses had all been coaxed to open at exactly the right time. The hydrangeas were at their fluffiest & most romantic stage, just at the peak of perfection.

But I had never met the bride in person! We had exchanged countless emails, pinterest boards, photos – was it grand enough?

Her pinterest boards indicated that she had expensive and sophisticated tastes. Her family had called me, pressuring me to create ENORMOUS floral arrangements. But budget was a challenge.

And it was such a chic, upscale downtown Seattle wedding venue, worthy of a much higher end display. We needed to produce “WOW factor” flowers on a student’s budget.


The expectations and the pressure were intimidating.

When she walked into the room, her jaw dropped.

She cried. (good tears? bad tears? I was freaking out.)

Then she started quietly whispering  “Soooooo beautiful. So beautiful.”

Good tears. Check.

A memory I will treasure – as we were leaving, I looked in and saw Jennifer sitting quietly all by herself in the back row. She was shaking her head in disbelief at how beautiful her wedding ceremony display was. Everything had come together, just as she had dreamed.