Thornewood Castle Weddings: Top 10 Reasons Thornewood Castle is on POSH’s Favorite Wedding Venue List

Thornewood Castle Wedding Photos
POSH’s Favorite Wedding Venues: Thornewood Castle

POSH’s Favorite Wedding Venues: Thornewood Castle

In 16 years of delivering flowers to wedding venues all over Washington State, Thornewood Castle has never once budged from the top of my “Favorite Wedding Venues” list. Here are the “Top 10” reasons why:

  • It’s a 500 year old castle. I mean really – the real deal…
  • The original owner brought the castle from England brick by brick – they numbered each brick as they took it apart, then re-assembled it
  • The staff at Thornewood Castle are the absolute best. They are super involved and caring, and work so hard to make every Thornewood wedding flawless.
  • Sunsets on the water (yes, it’s a waterfront property – this just keeps getting better…)
  • Weddings in the secret garden are beyond dreamy. I love walking through the hollyhocks, over the ancient cobblestones – sigh
  • 15th century stained glass – swoon
  • Getting married in front of that massive ornate fireplace
  • The beautiful brick loggia – I’m giddy…
  • The staircase of 500 year old English oak – I die
  • The fact that it’s fabulous 12 months out of the year. You can get married here year round and know that whatever the weather is doing, your wedding will be fantastic.

If you are getting married at Thornewood Castle, please please please, call me. That is all.

Beautiful Spring Wedding at Thornewood Castle


Celebration of Life for a Great Lady

360 VR Walkthrough of Thornewood Castle Wedding

This is a 360 VR walkthrough of a beautiful Thornewood Castle Wedding IMPORTANT: First – before you hit “play” – you need to increase increase the resolution down in the lower right hand corner – it’s the little gear icon. Otherwise this video’s just a blurry mess! Then you can move your phone or use…

Storybook Wedding at Thornewood Castle

360 VR Walkthrough of Thornewood Castle’s Secret Garden

Move your phone or use your mouse to “look around” in 360 degrees – I took my 360 camera on a walk through Thornewood Castle’s magical “Secret Garden” on a glorious July day. You can enjoy this and my other 360 videos in a Google Cardboard VR Headset for a perfect break from these long…

Magical Garden Wedding at Thornewood Castle

Thornewood Castle Wedding Flowers

Dreamy Garden Wedding at Thornewood Castle

Spring Wedding at Thornewood Castle

Looking at these photos of Jenna’s Thornewood Castle wedding has me dreaming of spring! The luscious David Austin Juliet English garden roses, the dripping, drapy pink pieris japonica, the fragrant stock – omg it was just dreamy. And the Thornewood Castle fireplace mantle dripping with crystals and exploding with spring blooms was the perfect backdrop…

Thornewood Castle Garden Wedding

Thornewood Castle Romantic Garden Wedding Flowers

Classic POSH Wedding at Thornewood Castle

Thornewood Castle Storybook Wedding

Nehimias & Vanessa had a little bit of “floral designer drama” before coming to me. They were having nightmares about a scatterbrained, flighty florist showing up late, or bringing the wrong arrangements. So for them, it was of utmost importance that they find a 100% dependable, reliable floral designer. So they could relax and enjoy…

Summer Wedding at Thornewood Castle

Magical Secret Garden Wedding at Thornewood Castle

Bohemian Beauty at Thornewood Castle

Victoria wanted her bouquet to be BIG and wild – a statement piece. Her wild garden style bouquet became the centerpiece – all of her flowers coordinated. There was an untamed, asymmetrical arch arrangement for Thornewood’s Secret Garden arch, the centerpieces with dangling grapes & pomegranites, the free spirited bridesmaid bouquets. And Thornewood Castle was…

Pro Video of Christy & Jerry’s Wedding at Thornewood Castle

Hope you enjoy this pro video of Christy & Jerry’s fairytale Thornewood Castle Wedding by Rae Media. I think maybe half of the views on the counter are mine – just love re-living this gorgeous wedding over & over. One of my alltime favorite couples.

Pro Photos from Alex England Photography!

So thrilled to see these Pro Photos from Alex England Photography! I have so many “mental snapshots” from this wedding. My favorite is the moment when Christy was framed by the ancient door to the secret garden, waiting to walk down the aisle. As she stepped out onto the 500 year old brick path, a…

Pro Photos from Amanda Howse Photography!

It’s always so exciting to receive professional photos of one of my weddings. So fun to revisit the gorgeous day through these photos from Amanda Howse Photography!

Christy & Jerry at Thornewood Castle

“The flowers make the wedding” she said… “Without fabulous flowers, it’s just another party.” “It’s the flowers that set it apart as a special, magical day.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. And as soon as I sat down with Christy & Jerry I knew we were a perfect fit. She ADORES flowers. He is…

Sarah and Frankie at Thornewood Castle

Brittany and Kyle at Thornewood Castle

Jon & Hannah at Thornewood Castle

So I admit it. I have a problem. A peony problem. I’m obsessed with them. When peony season is over I grieve. And do my best to get them from Alaska, Chile, New Zealand, Australia or wherever possible. So when Hannah said her favorite flower was the peony, and she was getting married in May,…

Kristy & Bryan at Thornewood Castle

Sheena and Tim at Thornewood Castle

Julia & Greg at Thornewood Castle

Thistles & Cabbage (!) at Thornewood Castle

Elise & Jacob at Thornewood Castle

Debbie and Kevin at Thornewood Castle