Christy & Jerry at Thornewood Castle

christy-jerry2 copy

“The flowers make the wedding” she said…

“Without fabulous flowers, it’s just another party.”

“It’s the flowers that set it apart as a special, magical day.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

And as soon as I sat down with Christy & Jerry I knew we were a perfect fit. She ADORES flowers. He is a professional buyer.

Jerry “got” what I do immediately – how I buy flowers in bulk, directly from the farm, and basically offer wholesale cost because there’s no middleman.

So he really understood what a fabulous opportunity I am able to offer couples.  Most people just don’t get it, and it felt so great for what I do to be understood & appreciated.

And Christy understood that she would get a TON of jaw-dropping flowers for her wedding day. Which was what she had always dreamed.

It was such a fun time meeting with them for coffee after the wedding, to swap STUNNING photos – and to view their amazing wedding video. It was breathtaking.

“I will never ever forget my dream wedding.”