Jon & Hannah at Thornewood Castle

So I admit it. I have a problem.

A peony problem. I’m obsessed with them.

When peony season is over I grieve. And do my best to get them from Alaska, Chile, New Zealand, Australia or wherever possible.

So when Hannah said her favorite flower was the peony, and she was getting married in May, I was ECSTATIC.

Then they told me their wedding planner was Merry Beth Turpin, owner of Aisle of View. My heart soared.

And it just kept getting better – I found out they were getting married at THORNEWOOD CASTLE. Can you say OVERJOYED?!?

So when it came time to buy her flowers, I went a little nuts at the peony farm – 200 stems of luscious, fragrant peonies.

The drive back from the farm was unforgettable, with the POSH van packed with 200 plump, sweet scented, peonies. It was pure bliss.

But my favorite memory of this wedding was from the end of the evening, when I went to pickup the rental items.

“Maureen, you nailed it.”PSH_0859

And Jon, Hannah & I just stood there in front of that glorious Thornewood fireplace, reviewing all the amazing details of the day, crystals sparkling in the crackling firelight.

I will never forget just being together with them, breathing in the fragrance of the peonies overflowing from the fireplace mantle arrangement, basking in the enjoyment of a most FABULOUS day, happy tears streaming down Hannah’s face.