Jenn and Damon at Laurel Creek Manor

One of my favorite flowers to grow in the POSH cutting garden is the Café Aut Lait Dahlia – and I have sweet Jenn to thank for this!

You see, Jenn’s favorite flower was the Café Aut Lait Dahlia – she was obsessed with them and wanted them everywhere at her Laurel Creek Manor wedding. But I refused to work with dahlias – I had bought them twice before from the local wholesaler only to have them shatter apart at the slightest touch.

But Jenn was an absolute angel and I wanted to accommodate her. So I started practicing with dahlias direct from the farm. I found that when they were harvested the day before the wedding, they did not fall apart.

So thank you Jenn, for pushing me out of my comfort zone. Now dahlias are one of my favorite flowers to work with, and I love growing them to use in my weddings every year.

Every time I cut a Dahlia in my garden, I think of how beautiful Jenn looked in her gown, in front of that gorgeous Laurel Creek manor arbor, holding her romantic bouquet of dahlias & garden roses.