Summer Wedding at Laurel Creek Manor

Just LOVED this message from Katie’s mom:

How do you make a beautiful venue like Laurel Creek Manor look better then it already does?

You hire Maureen at Posh Wedding Flowers!! Wow, Wow, Wow! The flowers were INCREDIBLE!

Thank you so much for bringing your smiling face and your expertise in floral arranging to Katie’s wedding!

The arrangements were absolutely beautiful! Everyone talked about Katie and the flowers!

Everything was perfect and went off without a hitch. We really liked the way the French market buckets turned out – way cooler then expected! And thanks for giving my sister in laws the extra orange roses for birdcages. Everything was epic!

Please stay in business at least 2 more years, my younger daughter will be getting married and we want you to do the flowers!lol

Thanks so much, Cindy (Mother Of the Bride)