How do I book POSH?

STEP 1:  Call Maureen:
Maureen can put together a quote for you after a  quick 15 minute phone chat (253-380-3500) Or you can request a quote online with our new “BUDGET CALCULATOR”

STEP 2: Save-the-Date:
You’ll receive your quote by email, along with a 20% “Save-The-Date” invoice which can be paid online.*

At that point, your date is saved & you can “CHECK OFF” another item on your HUGE wedding “To-Do” list!

STEP 3: Meet in Person (Optional)
After you’ve “Saved-the-Date”,  if you have time, we schedule an in person consultation to fine tune a few details. One consultation is included free of charge. But this can also be done by email & text if you are too busy or if you live out of town.


*This may seem redundant, but if you haven’t paid your “Save-the-Date” invoice, your date is not saved, and may be booked by another couple at any time.