POSH Terms and Conditions

Payment of “Save-the-Date” retainer indicates acceptance of the following terms and conditions:

Final Balance – The final balance is due 30 Days before wedding date. Your final payment triggers the purchase of your flowers. If payment in full is not received 30 days prior to your wedding date, your flowers will not be ordered and this contract will automatically cancel.

Minimum Order – Because POSH purchases your flowers in bulk, “Farm Direct” there is a minimum order of $3900 peak season, $2500 off peak.

In Person Meetings: All In Person Meetings are temporarily suspended

Security Deposit – If there are rental items, a security deposit of $200 is also due 30 days before your wedding date. This can be sent as a separate check which is shredded after all rental items are returned, or can be a separate refundable transaction which will be charged to your card one week before the wedding, and reversed once all rental items are returned. There will be a charge if rental items are damaged or “dinged”. You are responsible for all rental items from the time they are dropped off to the time of return. A replacement charge for missing, damaged, or unusable items will be deducted from your deposit. If replacement costs more than this deposit, you are required to pay the difference.

All Mockup meetings are temporarily suspended. Mockups or Samples – Please understand that Sample arrangements or “Mockups” will be significantly more expensive than the arrangements listed in your quote. Because the flowers must be purchased in smaller quantities, they are a LOT more expensive (often 3x! Ouch!). The flowers in the arrangements in your quote are bought in bulk, and so reflect big discounts. So if you feel you need to order a “Mockup” or sample, please be prepared for a bit of sticker shock!

Credit Card Convenience Fees – Credit card payments for final balance are subject to a 4% Convenience Fee – to save the convenience fee, you can pay the final balance and security deposit by check.

Rental Item Pickup – Pickup service is required for tall vases & rental arches. Late night pickup (after 8:00PM) is an minimum charge of $600

Rental Item Return – To save the pickup charge, you can return the rental items by the Wednesday after your wedding date (assuming no tall vases, large rental items or arch).

Rental Item Boxes – Rental items must be returned with the original box and any packing materials (without the box, the item can not re-rented or transported safely) Items returned without the provided boxes will be charged a box fee. (approximately $15 per box for the purchase of a replacement box)

Liability – We will do our best to make the proper arrangements with you and your ceremony location, alternate location and or reception hall to safely deliver your flowers and centerpieces. Once we have delivered, we will not assume responsibility for your guests or caterer’s negligence, property damage or any injury that would occur as a result of our services and provision of your floral items.

Date Specific – It is understood that this order is date specific, and that changing a date will be treated as cancellation of the original date and booking of a new date. “Save-the Date” Retainer and other deposits are non refundable upon cancellation.

Flowers vary in color, size & shape – It is understood that we will do everything in our power to assure that your flowers have been designed to your specifications and that the proper color, flower size, number of flowers, and type of flowers have been used. Due to the nature of certain types of flowers to vary in color we cannot guarantee that they will match a specific color, all that we can do is get as close in color as we can. It is also understood that at certain times of the year, some types of flowers may not be available. We will try our best to obtain all types of flowers that you have specified, but may have to make a substitution if unable to secure certain types of flowers. It is understood that flowers are a natural, organic product. They vary in color, size, and shape from month to month, season to season – this is part of their natural charm. We don’t think in terms of “matching” flower colors, but rather work within an overall color palette.

Exclusive Floral Provider – It is understood that POSH Wedding Flowers will act as the sole exclusive florist/floral décor provider for your event. Client agrees that no other person or company, including caterer, professional or otherwise, shall provide fresh or artificial floral products, petals, or floral decor for the client’s event without the consent of POSH. This clause protects the reputation and professional integrity of POSH Wedding Flowers and the visual continuity of all flowers being used for your event. If other floral items are brought in by a second party without the acknowledgement of POSH Wedding Flowers, we reserve the right to remove the items not discussed in advance.

Flowers Are Delicate and Fragile!
We work so hard to deliver your flowers in pristine, perfect condition, and are heartbroken when they are quickly destroyed! We are not responsible for breakage of flowers or boutonnieres due to improper handling by wedding planner or bridal party etc. (from someone hugging and squishing the petals of the boutonniere or corsage, or your wedding planner leaving them in the sun or in a parked car – or someone exposing the flowers to auto exhaust or cigarette smoke and causing the edges to brown, for example)

How to care for your flowers – Once your flowers leave our possession, you are responsible for caring for them:

–> No direct sun – Keep them out of the direct sun or intense heat
–> Treat them carefully – avoid crushing the petals up against your clothing, with your fingers, or other surfaces, which will make them turn brown.
–> Don’t break them – Don’t throw them up in the air, shake them like a pom-pom, or “fist pump” them! They will break if you do this.
–> No parked cars – Don’t leave them in a parked car, even for 5 minutes – this will cause them to wilt almost immediately.
–> Give them a drink – When you can, put them back in their vase so they can drink the flower food. Take them home in the vase with flower food. (that’s not water in your bouquet’s vase, it is flower food. It will prolong your bouqet’s life)

Delivery Time – We will check with you and confirm your delivery time one week before your wedding. If we are not able to get into your ceremony and or reception location at the scheduled delivery time, your flowers may not be setup on time. We will not be responsible for late setup if we are unable to get into your location.

Earliest Delivery – POSH will deliver and setup your flowers a maximum of 2 hours before you are scheduled to walk down the aisle. We will not deliver your flowers at 11am for a 6pm ceremony – they would be wilted by the time you walk down the aisle.

Late Night Pickups & Early Morning Delivery – Deliveries earlier than 9AM or rental pickups later than 8PM are subject to an additional $300 after hours delivery charge.

Delivery location – delivery will be made to one location within 50 feet from the delivery van to the customer’s desired location. We must be able to use our carts on paved or concrete surfaces to reach the desired location. Additional charges will apply for longer distances, rough terrain, or difficult access.

Additional Delivery Locations – Additional delivery locations are $95 each. Each time the delivery van stops, finds parking, & unloads the cart counts as one delivery location. This charge doesn’t include waiting time – if personal flowers are requested at 11am, and then the team must wait outside the second delivery location to begin setup, additional per setup team member hourly charges apply.

Theft or Damage – Once your flowers leave our possession, our work is done. We are not responsible if they are damaged, stolen, knocked over, misplaced, etc. Additionally, you are financially responsible for all rental items from the time they are delivered until they are returned to us.

Cleaning Charges – Loaned or rented items must be returned clean, wax free, in their original boxes, and in ready to deliver condition. Cleaning charges will be deducted from your security deposit.

Setup – Our setup teams are on a very specific schedule to finish all the tasks related to your wedding on time. They are not available to place favors, install linens or backdrops, move furniture/tables, place or light candles, etc. For liability reasons, we can not handle antique cake toppers, crystal toasting flutes, candelabras, or other fragile items belonging to the customer. Additionally, if we make an exception and do help with something outside the scope of our job, we remain free to stop at any time, with or without finishing.

Verify this Order – Please print out and double check every item on this order. The final copy is what I work from on the week of your wedding. Do not assume that verbal conversations have overridden the written order.

Acts Of God – POSH Wedding Flower’s obligation to perform will be modified to the extent necessary based on transportation problems, delays in product delivery, inclement weather, acts of God, or other causes beyond our control that make it impossible or impractical for us to perform.

Use of Photographs – We reserve the right to photograph your flowers and use the photos for our own reference or for display/promotional advertising without compensation to you.

Inflation adjustment: Because of recent supply chain issues, this contract will be subject to a one time market price adjustment 30 days before the wedding date, based on the latest floral auction data. We will touch base with you 3 months out to give you a general idea of what the adjustment will be, and then the final adjustment will be made when your final balance is due 30 days before your wedding day.

Flower Longevity – POSH works very hard to make sure your flowers are “at their peak” in time for your wedding day. They are not meant to last much beyond that! We use soft, open, premium blooms which are full, fragrant & romantic but short lived. They are only meant to last the duration of the event, and are timed to be perfect on the day of the wedding, not the day after. “At their peak” means bloomed out to their fullest – large, open & romantic. They will not be tightly closed, like flowers you would get from an “FTD” type flower shop. FTD type flowers are delivered tightly closed, and are designed to develop over the following week. They usually look their best 3 or more days after delivery. POSH flowers are designed to look their best on the day of delivery, for your wedding.

Reductions – A maximum 20% reduction in your total order is allowed. We offer quantity discounts – purchasing a full box of a single flower reduces your costs greatly. In the reverse, reducing the quantity of flowers ordered will cause an increase in price per flower. We reserve the right to refuse reductions in excess of 20% of the order total, or in violation of our minimum order policy. (For example you can’t “save your date” with an order meeting our $3900 minimum, then later ask to delete half the order. We will not provide just one arrangement for the $800 deposit’s worth of flowers. Our minimum order policy remains in effect, and the deposit is forfeited.)

Reductions after Final Payment – Your final payment triggers the purchase of your flowers. Once the flowers are purchased, no further reductions are possible because the flowers have already been bought & paid for. Maureen will reallocate flowers from any deleted centerpieces or other bouquets to the rest of the arrangements.

Additions after Final Payment – Pricing will change for any additions changes after your main floral order has been placed! After Maureen has completed your main round of bulk buying, it may still be possible to add more flowers, but the pricing may be much different because of the last minute nature of the purchase. Typically flowers added at the last minute must be bought at a MUCH higher price “by the bunch” from the floral wholesalers in Seattle rather than “Farm Direct” with bulk “by the box” pricing. Of course we’ll still try to buy the addons in bulk if possible, at the best possible price, minimizing the additional cost. But be prepared for sticker shock in the event of large last minute additions (meaning adding larger items like centerpieces, altar displays, etc – additional corsages boutonnieres are not a problem as long as you give a few days notice).

“Save-the-Date” Retainer, Early Payments, Final Balance Nonrefundable – “Save-the-Date” retainer and/or any other payments are non refundable.

Cancellations – Cancellations must be received at least 30 days prior to the event. For cancellations under 30 days, you will owe the balance in full.