I need just my bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets and boutonnieres. Can you do this?

Sorry, no 🙁 Because we buy each wedding’s flowers in bulk, custom, direct from the farm in South America, and the smallest box they will sell us is 200 roses, 200 spray roses, 40 hydrangea.


So the benefit is – your cost *per flower stem* is much lower than a flower shop, and the flowers are fresher.

But the downside is – you have to buy more flowers.

(Similar to trying to buy paper towels at Costco – they are a great value, and they are better quality – but you can’t buy just a single roll of paper towels at Costco like you can at Dollar Tree. The Dollar tree towels are smaller rolls and so are actually more expensive, and are poorer quality. But hey, it’s only a buck! And maybe I don’t want 20 rolls of paper towels, I just want 1. So I’ll pay more.)

POSH couples love how all their arrangements are really full, with a lavish, lush “tons of flowers” look.  They just really love that generous, luxury look a lot better.