Get A Quote for Your Wedding Flowers

With POSH’s easy, online quote system, you can “check off” flowers from your GINORMOUS wedding “To-Do” list in less than an hour.

  1. Click the “Add to your quote” button under each arrangement you want to order
  2. Click “Check Out” to review everything, and edit quantities
  3. Scroll down to add your name, phone, wedding date, venue, target budget, color palette & click “Send”

Maureen will reply with your quote and your “Save-the Date” invoice which can be paid online, and then (if you have time) we will setup a time to meet and fine tune all the details. Or if you are too pressed for time (I understand!) we can do a phone consult and email photos.

Click any item to see more example photos. Please ignore the colors, these photos are just to show size & style.

All your arrangements will be custom designed in your color palette, and hand arranged with love by Maureen.